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10 Keterampilan yang Wajib Dimiliki Jurnalis Online

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HASIL sebuah studi (polling) terhadap 49 wartawan media online, ada 10 keterampilan yang wajib dimiliki jurnalis online. Top skill adalah menulis dan mengedit naskah, diikuti project manajemen, dan blogging di peringkat tiga besar.

Berikut ini hasil survei yang diringkas dalam Top 10 skills for online journalists:

Iin a poll of 49 online journalists, researchers Ryan Thornburg and Ying Roselyn Du asked practitioners to rank their daily duties from a list of 26 possibilities.

Here are their Top 10:
1. Writing or Editing Scripts
2. Project Management
3. Blogging
4. User Interface Design/Photo Shooting (tie)
6. Video Production
7. Staff Organization/Administration
8. Story Combining/Shortening
9. Reporting and Writing Original Stories
10. Photo/Image Editing

Ada poin yang hilang? Benar, mana nomor 5? Ke mana dia? Oke deh... jadinya Top 9 Skills for Online Journalists.

Sebagai "second opinion", berikut ini The Online Journalism Skills that Get Jobs lainnya.

If you want a job in online news, there is no better asset than to be a smart, critically thinking journalist. But in this time of multimedia storytelling, software skills matter, too.

The three skills he lists were the most common responses. Others included:
  1. How to collect and edit audio
  2. How to work with databases
  3. Interface design skills
  4. Enterprise
Lho, jadi empat? Katanya tiga! No problema.... menutup kekurangan data di atas :)

Berikut ini sebagian detailnya:

Media Editing Skills: Audio and Video
Interactive packaging skills: Flash
"Flash is used primarily when creating interactive multimedia packages that combine video, photography, audio and text, as well as for interactive informational graphics," said Nelson Hsu, designer for washingtonpost.com "Potential employees do not have to be Flash experts, but should be very comfortable working in the program and especially with ActionScript."

Web site development skills: HTML, CSS

Understanding basic HTML is an online journalism lifeline -- especially in the day-to-day production of Web presentations.

"They need the markup basics," Hutt said. "Nothing too fancy, but they do need to know how to format text, define a headline and apply some color or size characteristics to a page element. They need to know how to construct an image tag and embed a video."

Bagaimana menguasai semua itu? Start with.. Blogging! Create a blog ayeuan keneh! Mengapa blogger? Karena di blogger kita bisa bereksperimen banyak tentang Desain, Optimisasi Mesin Pencari alias SEO, dan lainnya sehingga bisa menguasai elemen media online (website).

BACA JUGACore Skills for the Future of Journalism
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